Mass Recall Of COVID Testing Kits After They Start Testing Positive

( Roughly 200,000 Ellume COVID-19 home testing kits have reportedly been recalled after giving multiple false-positive results.

The rapid antigen tests are some of the most popular tests used in the United States and are often used to help people decide whether or not they should quarantine for 10 days. They may also stop people from traveling, going to work, or attending important meetings based on a positive test result.

Just how many people have been forced into quarantine for no reason?

Ellume CEO Dr. Sean Parsons admitted the problem to The New York Times, describing how the issue was noticed in September and is understood to have been caused by variations in the quality of some of the raw materials used in creating the product.

These tests were given emergency use authorization by the United States Food and Drug Administration in December of last year. The company, which is from Australia, has shipped some 3.5 million tests to the United States since.

Not only have 200,000 tests been recalled, but some 427,000 tests are believed to have been affected by the issue – meaning hundreds of thousands of Americans may have been impacted by the problem.

Parsons claimed, however, that out of the 227,000 tests that were used, some 42,000 people tested positive. So assuming that the tests weren’t also giving false negatives, that brings the number down slightly.

But who knows?

He predicted that it’s hard to know how many of the positive results may have been wrong, but estimated that it could have been one quarter.

Retailers have been asked to stop selling the recalled testing kits and consumers have been notified about the problem. If you believe you may have an affected kit, Parsons recommended you visit the Ellume website to receive a replacement or call them on 1-888-807-1501.