Mark Zuckerberg Operatives Caught Trying To End COVID Restrictions At The Border For Illegals

( According to information leaked to the Washington Post by two officials from the Department of Homeland Security, DHS is considering a plan currently being promoted by the Mark Zuckerberg-funded National Immigration Forum to provide taxpayer-funded vaccines to “economic migrants” crossing the southern border.

The National Immigration Forum advocates for importing cheap foreign labor for the agriculture and retail sector.

Currently under the Title 42 public health law so-called “economic migrants” are sent back to Mexico and are not offered the vaccine. But according to these two DHS officials who leaked to the Washington Post, the Biden administration is looking to change that by expanding vaccine access to those sent back to Mexico under Title 42 restrictions.

This Zuckerberg-backed DHS plan was leaked just as the Biden Justice Department was arguing against a Zuckerberg-boosted ACLU lawsuit against the Title 42 rule. The fact that the DHS is proposing a rule to offer vaccines to so-called “migrants” obviously undermines the DOJ’s own legal arguments in preserving Title 42.

Some believe the leak of this plan was the administration’s attempt to deliberately tank the lawsuit while pretending to defend against it.

This plan to offer the vaccine will no doubt create another added enticement to illegal aliens looking to make the long trip north to the US border.

Zuckerberg’s push for unfettered immigration across the southern border also exposes a divide between Biden’s West Coast insiders and his East Coast insiders. While East Coast insiders focus on winning elections and American jobs, the West Coast faction is run by investors far more focused on expanding their business and stock market values through the importation of low-wage migrant workers, taxpayer-funded consumers, and high-occupancy renters from poor countries.

This tug-of-war between the two factions often plays out in Biden’s public remarks on immigration which at times appear contradictory. Even the Washington Post report acknowledged that Biden’s messaging on immigration appears “muddled” – urging illegals not to cross while simultaneously inviting them in.

All of this begs the question, who exactly is in charge of determining the Biden administration’s immigration policy?