Marjorie Taylor Greene Introducing Resolution To Expel Maxine Waters

( Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is seeking revenge on Congressional Democrats who stripped her of her committee assignments, and her latest target is far-left Rep. Maxine Waters.

And honestly, she deserves it.

On Sunday, Rep. Taylor Greene said that she was planning to introduce legislation to expel Rep. Waters, who has served in Congress for sixteen terms after she incited violence at an anti-police rally in Minnesota On Saturday night.

It’s not the first time that Waters has made dangerous and reckless comments that could have incited violence, and in this instance, she demanded that the jury in the Derek Chauvin trial deliver a “guilty” verdict – and if they don’t, she told protesters to “get more confrontational.”

“We’ve got to stay in the street and demand justice,” Waters said. “We’re looking for a guilty verdict and we’re looking to see if all of the talk that took place and has been taking place after they saw what happened to George Floyd. If nothing does not happen, then we know that we got to not only stay in the street, but we have got to fight for justice,” she added.

After a year of riots that caused more than $2 billion in damage, what exactly is more confrontational than that?

On April 20, Taylor Greene tagged Waters in a tweet, asking her that exact question.

“What’s ‘more confrontational’ than burning cities, looting businesses, attacking police, damaging federal buildings, and killing innocent people like David Dorn? War?” she asked.

The Georgia representative on Sunday filed her resolution to expel Waters from Congress for her “history of inciting violence and ordering Black Lives Matter terrorism against National Guardsmen in Minnesota.”

Michigan Republican Rep. Lisa McClain said on the House floor that if Waters were a Republican she would have already been stripped of her committee assignments, just like Rep. Taylor Greene was.

“Are they not the words someone would use if they wanted to incite more violence?” McClain asked.

Waters’ comments were so bad, too, that the judge in the Derek Chauvin trial said that they could be grounds for appeal.

“I’ll give you that Congresswoman Waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned,” Judge Peter Cahill told Chauvin’s defense attorney Eric Nelson on Monday.