Maricopa County Plane Now Spying On Election Audit

( The Gateway Pundit has reported that it appears the Phoenix Police department is sending surveillance aircraft to fly over the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum where the audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 ballots is being conducted.

The GP featured flight pattern maps that show a concentration of flights near and around the area of the Coliseum.

This claim is disputed by Public Information Sergeant Maggie Cox of the Phoenix PD.

Cox dismissed the report in a statement to the Gateway Pundit saying the flight patterns cited were in relation to two separate police investigations and had nothing to do with the election audit.

“Additionally,” Cox writes, “in your article, you suggest our PC-12 is equipped with technology such as listening devices and license plate readers; this is not accurate.”

In response to an earlier, similar report from Gateway Pundit, the Associated Press ran a fact-check where they conceded that the flight maps are accurate, but the Phoenix PD denies their presence had anything to do with the audit.

Public Information Sergeant Cox reiterated to the AP that “the aircraft was on police calls that had nothing to do with the events at the Veteran Memorial Coliseum.”

Naturally the AP fact-check casts shade on the Maricopa audit in general – describing Cyber Ninjas, the company handling materials, “a Florida-based consultancy with no election experience run by a man who has shared unfounded claims that Biden’s Presidential win was not legitimate.”

Tossing in this partisan information will do little to assuage any concerns that there are those within Maricopa County who are attempting to obstruct or undermine the election audit.

The AP closes this fact-check by claiming unnamed “election experts” along Arizona’s Democrat Secretary of State have “expressed concerns” about the audit, adding “they say it isn’t following standard procedures to transparently and accurately count votes.” Unusual to conclude a “fact-check” by offering the opinions of others.

But given the corporate news media’s determination to paint questions about the 2020 election outcome as “THE BIG LIE,” it is hardly surprising that even fact-checks are not immune to that partisan narrative.