Marco Rubio Reveals “Poverty Trap” In Democrat Push For Child Socialism

( Republican Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio, is reportedly circulating a memo to his Congressional colleagues reminding Republicans that it is essential to fight a new measure that would see federal money distributed to non-working parents. In the memo, which you can read here, he described how handing out more federal money in this way would worsen “poverty traps.”

It came ahead of a budget reconciliation bill planned by the Democrats, which proposes an “expanded child tax credit” whereby money will be handed out to parents with no tax liability at all, even when the parents are not working at all.

It’s just another example of Democrats rewarding people who would rather stay at home and live off the system than get up and go to work.

Senator Rubio, along with Republican Utah Senator mike Lee, is planning on introducing an amendment that will establish a deficit-neutral fund that is designed to expand the child tax credit system while also maintaining an important connection between working and receiving credit. However, according to The Federalist, some Republicans are reluctant to criticize the Democrats’ plan.

Senator Rubio is often accused of being a RINO, but on this, he seems to be pretty staunchly in favor of conservative values and is likely to be on exactly the same side of the argument as former President Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans.

Why are Republicans being so subservient to the Democrats when they simply don’t need to be?

Rubio warned that the Biden administration’s new plan is effectively a precursor to establishing a universal basic income – a socialist idea that involves distributing money to people without any expectation of work.

The memo warned that Democrats are attempting to permanently turn the popular Child Tax Credit system into a welfare project for nonworking parents that will not give people a path out of poverty.