Marco Rubio Requests Tucker Carlson Unmasking To Be Investigated

( Republican Senator for Florida Marco Rubio, who is also the top Republican sitting on the Senate Intelligence Committee, has called on the Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines to investigate allegations that the federal government unmasked Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

In the letter, Rubio described how media reports claim that Carlson was unmasked by a government agency, leading to a perception that unmasking is being used as a political tool by workers and officials in federal government agencies, or as a way of satisfying curiosity.

As a result, Rubio said that the intelligence community and its leadership be held to account if misconduct like this has occurred. He added that without these agencies being held to account, then the American public will be “increasingly attuned” to the possibility of widespread misconduct in the agency.

And if it didn’t happen, then that’s obviously a problem.

Rubio was effectively challenging the Director of National Intelligence to prove that no wrongdoing occurred.

It comes after Tucker Carlson said that a whistleblower from the federal government had revealed to him that the agency was spying on him. It was then claimed that the agency uncovered the name of Tucker Carlson in third-party communications that were being analyzed.

The process, which is known as “unmasking,” sees senior officials from the intelligence community uncover the identities of individuals who are otherwise anonymous but currently under government surveillance. There must, however, be a good national security reason to uncover those names.

Fox News and Carlson slammed the National Security Agency, labeling it “entirely unacceptable.”

What reason does the agency have to investigate a news anchor in the first place? Well, apparently, it was his effort to secure an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A journalist, looking for an interview? That’s a national security matter?

While the NSA continues to deny claims that they spied on Carlson, a new investigation – if Rubio’s demands are successful – will reveal more information about what really went down.