Manhunt Underway For International Arms Dealer

An Argentine weapons dealer named Diego Dirísio is now the subject of a global search and rescue operation.

Two of Brazil’s most influential crime groups allegedly received 43,000 firearms from him after he imported them from Europe. Paraguayan and Brazilian authorities claim that Dirísio’s Paraguayan business, International Auto Supply, run by an Argentine, spent $242 million on weapons and ammo.

Paraguay received the weapons after they were bought from gun manufacturers in the Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia, and Slovenia.

Many people have been arrested, and weapons have been confiscated as a consequence of the Operation Dakovo federal investigation, while Dirisio remains at large.

From November 2019 to December 2022, Dirísio’s firm imported 7,720 firearms from Croatia and 2,056 rifles from the Czech Republic. Paraguay was the next destination for the weapons. The guns were sourced mainly from the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, and Turkey via an Argentine businessman’s International Auto Supply in Paraguay.

The former director of DIMABEL, Bienvenido Fretes, and the former chief of Paraguay’s air force, Arturo González, were among thirteen individuals arrested in Paraguay and Brazil for their connections to the plot. Both Diego Dirisio and Julieta Nardi, the president of the firm and suspected plotter, are sought by the police but have evaded capture.

Throughout the year-long inquiry, officials from Paraguay brought up the fact that the United States Department of Homeland Security was involved. The United States, they said, was used to launder money from the weapons trafficking business.

Additional firearms—five thousand rifles, pistols, and revolvers—were procured from Turkey. Additionally, 1,200 firearms were bought from a Slovenian manufacturer. Primeiro Comando da Capital and Comando Vermelho, two criminal groups in Brazil, were the buyers of the guns. Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo members were meant to get these firearms.

On Tuesday, the Brazilian and Paraguayan governments each carried out twenty raids. Tuesday saw the capture of no less than five people in Brazil. Police found guns in a crate during a check at International Auto Supply. No one knows for sure how many weapons were discovered. The inquiry resulted in the seizure of 1,800 guns with a military design worth almost $5.2 million, according to Paraguay’s federal narcotics enforcement agency.