Man Claims Tesla Cybertruck Brake Failure Led to Crash

The brakes on a Tesla owner’s brand-new Cybertruck allegedly failed, leading to a collision.

According to Bruce Freshwater, who is now unable to drive the vehicle, repairs might cost as much as $30,000.

The Tesla owner claimed that the ineffective brakes caused him to smash into a neighbor’s yard just hours after he took ownership of the vehicle.

The owner, Bruce Freshwater, said that the crash happened on April 27 after he just picked up the Cybertruck. According to him, when he pressed the brakes, he didn’t stop.

The North Fayette Township Police Department in Pennsylvania reported that Freshwater said his vehicle careened forward fifty feet before crashing into his neighbor’s yard. The Cybetruck then slammed into the car of one of his neighbors.

The police report states that the cars were both involved in an accident that resulted in “disabling damage.” The second car was deemed to have “moderate damage.”

According to Freshwater, no one was injured in the incident. However, the Cybertruck couldn’t be operated because a fuse blew when the airbags deployed.

A body shop suggested by Tesla to fix the car gave Freshwater an estimate ranging from $16,000 to $30,000. He purchased the Cybertruck brand new from Tesla for around $109,000 (after taxes). He is currently collaborating with his insurance provider to ascertain what to do going forward.

Freshwater, meanwhile, claimed to have contacted Tesla’s support line following the event and to have received a response twice: once on April 29, two days following the collision, and again one week later.

According to him, a Tesla manager informed him that the brake issue is being investigated and that the accelerator may or may not disengage depending on the terrain. He claimed to have lost all contact with Tesla after that.

Even though no other Tesla owners have contacted him about the same problem, his may not have been an unusual incident. In April, Tesla voluntarily recalled the 2024 Cybertrucks due to an issue with “unintended acceleration from a trapped pedal.”