Majority Have Unfavorable Opinion About Critical Race Theory

( President Joe Biden’s decision to allow Critical Race Theory to be taught in American schools and government institutions, which he facilitated through the reversal of a Trump-era executive order, are likely hurting him and his administration in the polls.

At least, according to a new Economist/YouGov poll that was released on Tuesday.

The survey revealed that a majority of Americans, some 58%, have an unfavorable opinion of Critical Race Theory, and only 38% support it.

Well, we say “only.” The fact that 38% of Americans support a far-left theory that pits people against one another based on their race, and which says that all white people are racist no matter what they do, think, or say, is pretty scary.

The poll comes as Republicans and Democrats continue the debate over whether Critical Race Theory should be taught in schools. Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is one of the most vocal opponents of allowing teachers to push Critical Race Theory in schools, saying recently that it is “teaching people to hate our country” and to “hate each other.”

Fact check: true.

DeSantis also described it as an “identity politics version of Marxism.”


But Democrats are fighting back hard, and they seem to have the support of the institutions.

The latest poll showed that 86% of Democrats have a favorable view of Critical Race Theory. It’s kind of hard to believe that so many Democrats even fully know what it is. A tiny fraction of Republicans support it – only 6%. It makes you wonder whether those 6% of Republicans also know what it is.

How can a Republican support a radical, racist idea like Critical Race Theory?

The poll also showed that independents were more likely to side with the Republicans on this one, which explains why a majority of Americans don’t support it. Only 20% of independents said that they support Critical Race Theory, indicating that it really is the Democrats who are the extreme ones here.

If the majority of normal Americans oppose this new racism, then why is President Joe Biden endorsing and supporting it?