Major Fuel Spill Prompts Mass Hazmat Response

Today, a fuel truck accident at John F. Kennedy International Airport caused significant disruption after the vehicle overturned, resulting in thousands of gallons of fuel spilling onto a runway.

The incident occurred at approximately 10:40 am local time, prompting emergency teams to respond to the scene swiftly. Video footage captured the intense moments as hazmat crews worked to contain the situation.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey confirmed the spill, clarifying that it took place on the aeronautical side of the airport. Fortunately, this did not impact normal airport operations, including air travel and roadway traffic.

According to the Port Authority, the accident occurred on the airside of the airport, away from air traffic operations. The spill did not disrupt any flights or vehicular movement. The clean-up process is underway, with first responders, including hazmat teams, actively attending to the situation. Fortunately, there have been no reported injuries due to the incident.

The New York Fire Department is leading the clean-up operation, which started after receiving a call about the fuel spill at 10:50 am local time. They are focusing on “Cargo Area A,” utilizing 12 units and a team of 60 crew members to conduct a foam operation. Hazmat crews are also present to assist in the clean-up.

Previously, reports on social media platforms, such as Twitter, indicated that the fuel leak at JFK was contained but would require several hours to clean up. The Port Authority, the New York Fire Department, and hazmat units are coordinating their response to address the situation. As a result, Runway 31/13 has been temporarily closed.

Footage on social media shows the overturned fuel truck surrounded by numerous emergency services vehicles. The extent of the fuel spillage can be seen on the ground near the overturned truck.
The circumstances leading to the truck overturning remain unclear. Conflicting reports suggest that either 10,000 or 4,000 gallons of fuel were spilled from the tanker truck.