MAGA Revolution Underway In Georgia

( Radio host John Fredericks revealed on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast on Monday how a Make America Great Again revolution is currently underway in the state of Georgia, where Republicans are vying to take back the Democrat-controlled Senate seats.

MAGA candidates are reportedly sweeping in the local county races, making great gains over the last weekend and forcing RINOs to resign their seats to supporters of former President Donald Trump.

“The tremendous success that we had Saturday is unbelievable,” Fredericks said, describing how huge numbers of MAGA Republicans came together to censure RINO Governor Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan – all of whom refused to support the former president in his efforts to secure election integrity,.

He also added that pro-Trump candidates won election races for the local chairmanships of Fulton County, Cobb County, and elsewhere across the state.

It’s a good sign that Trump-esque Republicans are retaking the state.

“In Fulton county former congressman Tom Price and his wife Betty price, Karen Handel and her husband they both get beat,” Fredericks said to Bannon. “Running for a county delegate position, this was not even a leadership position.”

He added that it was an “unbelievable day” because of the number of wins that grassroots America-First activists had, with new leaders being installed in these important counties.

“The only county where the so called establishment was able to hang on was Gwinnett county,” he added. “We are on the cusp of taking over the Republican Party in Georgia.”

If it’s truly the case that pro-Trump MAGA activists are taking over the Georgia Republican Party, it could be a sign that Governor Brian Kemp’s time is up. The same for Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

After publishing a private phone call with then-President Donald Trump in the wake of the election, during which the president called on Raffensperger and Kemp to perform a full audit to show the fraud and misconduct that occurred in the election, the establishment Republican leaders have become clear targets for many Republicans.

The leaked phone call was used by the Democrats and left-wing activists to wrongly claim that the president asked Raffensperger and Kemp to create fake votes – a claim that was ultimately proven wrong and required many media outlets to apologize and retract.

Dan Schultz, the creator of the grassroots movement to take over the Georgia Republican Party – known as Precinct Strategy – praised the victories.

“After he won the chairman position all the incumbent RINOs said, ‘I’m out of here,’” Schultz said about pro-Trump candidate Daniel Wiley winning in Douglas County.

Is Georgia about to go all-in on MAGA?