MAGA Evangelicals Accused Of Failing This Country

In a recent interview on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” Tara Setmayer of The Lincoln Project made a bold statement about Evangelicals and their support for former President Donald Trump. According to Setmayer, Evangelicals have “failed this country” by blindly following Trump as if he were a deity.

The conversation centered around a new anti-Trump ad released by The Lincoln Project. Setmayer explained that the ad was intended to reach a broad audience, as she believes many people are not paying attention to the dangers of Trump’s influence. She emphasized that the target audience is the die-hard Trump supporters and those swayed by the religious rhetoric surrounding his presidency.

Setmayer drew a parallel between Trump’s campaign ads, often portraying him as a divinely chosen leader and The Lincoln Project’s response. She argued that while Trump’s ads depicted him as a figure ordained by God, the reality is that God allows for the rise of dictators as well.

The conversation took a harsh turn when Setmayer criticized the Evangelical church for its role in Trump’s presidency. She asserted that they have not only failed America but also failed Christianity itself. According to Setmayer, the Evangelical church has strayed far from the teachings of Jesus and the principles outlined in the Bible.

She challenged her audience to imagine a different America where Evangelicals truly practiced what they preached. In her view, this would have prevented four years of Trump’s presidency, the insurrection on January 6th, and the mistreatment of children at the border. Setmayer argued that if Evangelicals had followed the Bible they claimed to worship, the country would be much better today.

Instead, Setmayer accused Evangelicals of mindlessly following Trump, whom she referred to as their “golden orange God.” She saw The Lincoln Project’s ad as a way to highlight this blind allegiance and call attention to the contradiction between Evangelical values and their support for Trump.

The interview with Tara Setmayer shed light on the divisive relationship between Evangelicals and Trump. It raised important questions about the role of religion in politics and the extent to which personal beliefs should shape one’s political choices. Setmayer’s message was clear: it is time for Evangelicals to reevaluate their priorities and align their actions with the teachings they hold dear. Only then, she argued, can the country move forward in a more compassionate and ethical direction.