Liz Cheney Polls Shows She’s Finished In GOP

( If former House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney thinks she can remake the Republican Party in her image, then she should probably think again.

That’s the message from a new CBS News-YouGov poll which revealed how 80 percent of Republicans who have heard about her ousting as the third-highest-ranking Congressional Republican believe she deserved it. The poll said that the vast majority of Republicans believe that Cheney, who is staunchly opposed to former President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda, is “off-message, unsupportive of Mr. Trump, and that she’s wrong about the 2020 presidential election.”

The poll comes after Cheney laid into former President Trump and other Republicans on Twitter for advocating new laws to protect election integrity, and for exposing evidence of misconduct and fraud that occurred in the last presidential election.

According to the survey, out of the Republicans who agreed with Cheney being ousted by her congressional colleagues last week, some 69% said that their biggest issue with the Wyoming congresswoman was that she is “not on message” with the party. Some 34% of those Republicans also said that they are happy the Republican leadership has told its rank and file that “disloyalty will be punished.”

It looks like the era of letting RINOs and establishment Republicans get away with leading the party down dark and dangerous roads are over.

Furthermore, the survey found that roughly two-thirds of all Republicans are supportive and loyal to former President Donald Trump, citing support for his economic policies and the action he took over the last four years to strengthen America’s immigration system and border.

But on Sunday, Cheney insisted on ABC’s “This Week” that it is her “responsibility” to “lead and tell the truth.”

Maybe she should start by telling the truth about election fraud.