Liz Cheney Calls Trump Orange Jesus

( At the American Enterprise Institute on Monday, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) delivered a fiery address in which she warned that former President Donald Trump and his supporters threatened American democracy and institutions.

Cheney recalled a Republican House member lamenting the cost of Trump’s devotion during the Q&A that followed her speech.

As she recalled what happened on January 6, 2021, Cheney said, “I was in the Republican cloakroom.”

She said there were sheets of paper on the desks, and she was working on her remarks because she was scheduled to speak that day. And she questioned a cloakroom employee about the sheets of paper, asking what they were for. Members were entering and signing them. And the person told her they were the objection sheets since it’s just necessary that one House member object.

She said so many people wished to express their opposition that sign-up sheets for them were set up in the cloakroom. A member entered the room while she was still seated and signed his name on each state’s page. Then he said, “The things we do for the Orange Jesus,” beneath his breath.

And she said, “You know, you’re doing something that’s not constitutional.”

To clarify the vice president’s role in the electoral count process and to hold governors accountable for providing Congress with valid election results, Cheney is advocating her proposal to update the Electoral Count Act.

In her speech, Cheney stated that “we are making unacceptable behavior normal, legitimate, and appropriate as though he were a king.”

“And Donald Trump has recently made overt suggestions that any legal action taken against him could lead to violence. Our former president is urging his supporters to oppose our legal system and the rule of law, stand up, and use whatever means necessary to stop his prosecution and the application of the law.”

She continued by saying it is difficult to see this as anything other than a transparent and credible threat to our Constitution and our republic. She asked if this was the direction the Republican Party will take next.

What will Cheney do if it is uncovered that the election had serious voter fraud issues?