Lindsey Graham Says Trump Would Have Won If Wuhan Lab Theory Was Proven

( In an editorial at Fox News’ website last Thursday, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said that if the lab leak theory of COVID-19 had not been stringently dismissed by the press, but instead been given a fair assessment at the time, President Trump would have won reelection.

Graham believes an honest assessment of the issue back in the spring of 2020 would have made voters consider which of the two candidates would actually hold the CCP accountable “for unleashing the COVID-19 plague on the world.”

Graham has no doubt that if the American people were thinking in those terms, it would be Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, who would be in the White House today.

There is no doubt that the COVID Pandemic was used as a bludgeon against President Trump in order to defeat him at the ballot box in 2020.

Both the Democrats and the American corporate news media used any means necessary to tie around Trump’s neck every US death caused when China unleashed this virus on the world.

Worse still, in order to successfully paint Trump as reckless and incompetent, the media and the Democrats conducted a smear operation against a relatively cheap malaria medication called hydroxychloroquine – all because President Trump promoted it.

In June 2021, a new study published by medRxiv showed that hydroxychloroquine, when used with zinc, increased the survival rate of those with severe cases of COVID by a staggering 200 percent.

How many American lives were lost because hydroxychloroquine use was discouraged by a politically-motivated smear campaign in the press and among Democrat politicians?

Many have also suggested that Democrat governors enacted their state’s economy-killing lockdowns, not because of “science,” but to destroy the booming economy that had President Trump sailing to reelection in early 2020.

President Trump said in early May 2020 that intelligence reports indicated that the possible origin of the COVID virus was the lab located in Wuhan, China. Immediately the coordinated effort to “debunk” the claim as “conspiracy theory” began.

The recently released emails from Dr. Anthony Fauci show that he participated in the effort to downplay or cover up the possible lab-leak theory. And in a recent Vanity Fair exposé, it was reported that members of the State Department warned staffers away from discussing the lab leak theory at all for fear it would open up a “can of worms.”

Had the American press done their job and reported fairly and accurately, the outcome of not only the election, but the pandemic as well, could have been very different. The fact that they did it by design all to defeat Donald Trump makes their actions all the more loathsome.