Lindsey Graham Says Biden May Deserve To Get Impeached

( South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is one of the GOPers who worked with the Democrats on the unpopular “bipartisan” infrastructure bill, but he’s still one of the biggest tough talkers when it comes to President Joe Biden.

Speaking to Fox News on Friday, Graham said that the president “deserves to be impeached” if any Americans or allies are left behind in Afghanistan at the end of this crisis.

He also added that it thousands of Afghans who fought alongside Americans are left to die in Afghanistan – because President Joe Biden effectively gifted billions of dollars of American military equipment to the Taliban – then he must be impeached for a higher crime.

He also said he should be impeached for a misdemeanor of dereliction of duty.

And these are charges that would actually stick.

Former President Donald Trump didn’t collude with Russia or obstruct justice as the Democrats long claimed, and nor did he incite an “insurrection.” That’s why both impeachment attempts failed.

But President Biden?

He left American military equipment in Afghanistan, abandoned American citizens, and failed to follow through on President Donald Trump’s threats to the Taliban that would have secured a more orderly and safe exit of American troops.

“If we leave on American behind,” Graham said, then Biden has committed a high crime and a misdemeanor and under the Constitution of the United States, he should be impeached.

You can watch the interview here.

Graham added that the president has a duty to get every single American out of Afghanistan safely – even though his Defense Secretary already confirmed that they cannot guarantee the safety of Americans left behind.

Just imagine what the press and the Democrats would be saying if President Donald Trump had botched the Afghanistan withdrawal this badly. It’s almost unbelievable.

Maybe, just maybe, Graham will be smart enough to move forward with articles of impeachment against this controversial and dangerous president.