Lindell Claims Arrest of Colorado Elections Clerk A Plot Against Him

( Last Tuesday, the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission ruled that an ethics complaint against Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters can move forward. And for some reason, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell thinks this ethics complaint is part of some plot to derail his quixotic Supreme Court lawsuit to reinstate former President Trump.

Mesa County blogger and activist Anne Landman had filed a grievance against Peters alleging that the Republican clerk violated Colorado’s constitution by soliciting and accepting gifts, including from Lindell, that exceeded the $50 annual limit.

The 4-member commission voted unanimously that the complaint was not frivolous and could move forward. Peters now has 30 days to respond before the commission begins its investigation.

Peter and others in her office, including Deputy Director Belinda Knisley who is on leave and facing criminal charges in another case, are under investigation by state and federal authorities in connection to a potential election security breach.

In an August lawsuit from the secretary of state’s office, a judge barred Peters and Knisley from overseeing the November 2 election in Mesa County. The case is ongoing after counterclaims were filed by Peters and her team.

This month, the secretary of state’s office filed a second lawsuit against Peters related to alleged campaign finance and contribution violations.

But Lindell, appearing on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast last Tuesday, seems to believe that this is all an attempt to discredit his allies and “put fear into everybody.” Because he plans to deliver his lawsuit to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, November 23, Lindell believes the timing of the Ethics Commission’s decision isn’t a coincidence.

Or, considering Peters has been in legal trouble since the summer, it could just be a coincidence.

Lindell also claimed that even some Democrat attorneys general have signed on to his Hail Mary lawsuit. But he refused to publicly name them.

Lindell then complained that none of the media, including Fox News, are covering his planned lawsuit, bizarrely claiming their lack of coverage is part of a plot to fool people into thinking that Trump won’t be reinstated. He compared the media to Hitler and Goebbels and accused them of brainwashing.