Lincoln Project Founder Says Steve Bannon Should Be Murdered

( In his usual rant-laced style, Rick Wilson, the discredited co-founder of the Lincoln Project, called on people to “mow down” journalist Glenn Greenwald and former Trump strategist Steve Bannon in a violent Twitter thread over the outcome of the French presidential election.

Wilson began his Sunday afternoon Twitter thread by claiming that current French President Emmanuel Macron not only beat but “crushed” National Rally contender Marine Le Pen. He then wrote that there is no upside to the end of Putin and others’ decades-long Le Pen investment. Wilson was overwrought that the ‘alt-right national populist’ still pulled 40% of the vote in France. He then proceeded to name Marine Le Pen as pro-Putin, anti-immigrant, and racist.

Rick Wilson then threatened who he believes are Macron’s enemies overseas in his thread. He included Russian President Vladimir Putin, former White House top strategist Steve Bannon, and independent journalist Glenn Greenwald in his list. He warned that Macron must recognize that these foreign adversaries will not rest and will not stop coming and must be ‘mowed down”.

But how are Glenn Greenwald and Steve Bannon an immense, direct threat to Emmanuel Macron in France?

Democrats in America are praising the French election result, calling it a win for democracy. They’re also hopeful that this is a sign that they have a shot in November’s midterm elections in the United States. Perhaps, Rick Wilson feels this way too.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who was dragged into a Twitter war earlier in April after Wilson smeared him with a fabricated comment, responded to Wilson’s thread. He wondered how long a Tweet urging foreign leaders to ‘mow down’ Pete Buttigieg or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) would last?

In the April 5th Twitter incident between Glenn Greenwald and Rick Wilson, Wilson posted a satirical quote by another writer (ironically, used to defame Tucker Carlson), which he claimed was Greenwald’s in hopes of smearing him as a Putin supporter. Later, Wilson deleted his Tweets without apology.