Liberals Call For Supreme Court Justice To Resign After He Humiliated Them

( Far-left activists and Democrats are calling for Justice Stephen Breyer to step down after he dared to stand up to their radical call for changing how the Supreme Court works and stacking it with new justices to counter President Donald Trump’s appointment of three freedom-minded justices during his first term in office.

Breyer recently gave a speech to students of Harvard Law School, warning that court packing – which has been advocated by high-profile Democrats, and which Joe Biden famously refused to rule out during his campaign – would hurt the rule of law in the United States.

“Proposals have been recently made to increase the number of Supreme Court justices. I’m sure that others will discuss related political arguments,” he said. “This lecture reflects my own effort to be certain that those who are going to debate these questions … also consider an important institutional point. Consider it. Namely, how would court packing reflect and affect the rule of law itself?”

Demand Justice, a far-left advocacy organization, responded b saying that it is time for Justice Breyer to announce his retirement – presumably so far-left President Joe Biden could pick someone much younger, and much more radical.

“We can’t afford to risk Democrats losing control of the Senate before President Biden can follow through on his promise to nominate the first Black woman Supreme Court justice,” the extremist group said.

Has picking people based on their race rather than qualifications ever been a good idea?

Demand Justice also sent trucks around Washington D.C. demanding that Breyer retires, for daring to warn that packing the Supreme Court is a bad idea.

Democrats advocating packing the Supreme Court seem to forget that any future Republican president will have exactly the same power, leading to a destructive spiral of consecutive Democrat and Republican presidents nominating more justices to counteract the bias of the previous administration.

It’s an idea so bad that even Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg warned against it.

Do Democrats ever think about the consequences of their actions?