Liberals Blame Suburban America For Climate Change

( A report from the left-wing Brooking Institute just claimed that suburban America should be the next big target for climate change protesters, describing how American families living in safe and quiet neighborhoods are putting an “unsustainable” strain on the climate and efforts to re-envision America’s energy system.

The report claimed that President Joe Biden’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent of 2005’s numbers by 2030 is “ambitious and necessary,” and added that it was important for those emissions to drop even further after 2050.

The report also cited coverage from the New York Times which said that President Biden’s climate change agenda will require “systems-level changes across every sector of the economy.”

That’s all very well and good if there’s a strong economy to begin with, but with prices rising and inflation seemingly out of control – thanks in part to the Democrats’ refusal to drop unemployment benefits and encourage people to go back to work – it’s hard to make changes in any way that won’t hurt business even more.

The new Brookings Report said that the “high-level strategy” put forward by the Biden Administration ignores “unsustainable land use practices.”

“Simply put, the United States cannot reach its GHG reduction targets if our urban areas continue to grow as they have in the past. After decades of sprawl, the U.S. has the dubious honor of being a world leader in both building-related energy consumption and vehicle miles traveled per capita,” the report said.

It insisted that the United States must now prioritize the development of new neighborhoods that reduce total driving and consume less energy – meaning suburbs are out and cramped cities and box rooms are in.

If you endeavor to own a big home one day, the Brookings Institute doesn’t want you to live there.

The report at least admits it “won’t be an easy task” and said that new ways of planning an investing in communities will be required, but also insited that the federal government might need to do more to control how land is used and how people live and get around.

Specifically, the institute put forward two solutions to force Americans to live in more cramped neighborhoods.

One is to “use market principles to send climate-sensitive price signals” – meaning that federal incentives should encourage non-suburban-style developments.

The other is to “use statutory authorities to scale policy adoption.”

In other words…get the government involved in our lives some more.