Liberal School Official Calls For Violence Against White People

( Extremist author and Rutgers associate professor Dr. Brittney Cooper made a disgusting comment last month, referring to white people as “mother f*ckers” and insisting that they must be taken out.

During a conversation with ultra-left and race-obsessed outlet The root, Dr. Cooper said, “White people though, ‘there is a world here, and we own it.’”

She added that she “wouldn’t be mad” at black people who “want to get them back.”

What does she mean by “get them back?” And if she means violence, which is what it sounds like, she says she wouldn’t be angry at those who do it.

She added that living as a black person in America is a matter of dominating or being dominated.


“The thing I want to say to you is that we gotta take these motherf***ers out,” she said, “but like, we can’t say that, right?”

No, you shouldn’t. But apparently, you can…and did.

She then went on a tirade about how the world didn’t start when white people arrived in the United States, even though nobody has ever made that claim – nobody serious, anybody. She said that there were people “out here” making worlds, including Africans and indigenous people building libraries and creating inventions.

What she didn’t do, however, is provide any specifics about what inventions or libraries were being built in the United States by Africans – who weren’t on the American continent before white Europeans.

It’s not the first time that Cooper has made insane comments like these. Last May, Cooper hit the headlines when she published a Twitter thread in which she blamed Trump supporters for black Americans being more likely to die from COVID.

There has to be something wrong with this woman…and the academic institutions that hire her.