Liberal Group Says They’re Coming For Your Children Next

( San Francisco’s “Gay Men’s Chorus” has deleted a shocking, offensive, and evil video that shows them singing a taunting song about converting children to “LGBTQ+” ideas. The far-left men’s chorus, which is made up entirely of gay men – or, more specifically, advocates of far-left LGBTQ+ ideologies – sings a song titled “Message From the Gay Community” that threatens to “corrupt” children.”

The lyrics even include the phrases “we’re coming for them” and “the gay agenda is here.”

In the deleted song, the choir explains how their aim is to make parents powerless to stop their children from being recruited by the LGBTQ+ community, as the lead singers smugly smile at the camera.

The lyrics accuse parents of fighting against gay “rights” – as if gay people don’t already have the same rights as anybody else, which they do – and that parents who believe they will corrupt their children if the gay agenda goes unchecked are “correct.”

The song explains how the corruption happens “quietly and subtly,” that parents will “barely notice it,” and that they can’t keep their children from being converted.

The smug chorus also assumed that the children are hateful and being taught to hate by their parents, stating, “someone’s gotta teach them not to hate.”

Left-wing media outlets immediately came out in defense of the choir when conservative news outlets picked up on the threatening video. But this was no joke, and the message was terrifying.

While we can’t share the original video with you, National File reporter Jack Hadfield shared a copy of the video in the tweet below.

Does that sound like a “joke” to you?

What kind of monster takes joy in mocking parents about corrupting their children?