Liberal Feminist Says Women Are Being Erased for “Gender Identity”

( When discussing the latest “transgender” athlete who set the new record in freestyle swimming, Fox News host Tucker Carlson invited on feminist author Kara Dansky who said the conflation of sex and “gender identity” is erasing women.

Dansky, the author of “The Abolition of Sex,” pointed out that she is a registered Democrat, but on the issue of transgenders erasing women, she has made “common cause” with Republicans who are fighting against “gender identity ideology.”

She clarified that “transgender women” are men, and words like “gender identity” are meaningless because every human being falls into one of two categories — either male or female and “everything else is a lie.”

Regarding “transgender” athletes competing against women, Dansky said that while parents may be speaking out, women athletes are afraid to do so because it is unpopular to point out that a man is competing against them.

Dansky put the blame in large part on the Biden administration for issuing a series of executive orders on Title IX that redefine “sex” to include “gender identity.” These executive orders, Dansky explained, have been a “disaster for women and girls.”

One such executive order signed by Biden in January cleared the way for boys to have access to girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, and sports. But Dansky said this erasure of women goes “far beyond sports” and has become a “total invasion of women’s spaces” – prisons, locker rooms, changing rooms, bathrooms, and sports. All a man has to do is claim he identifies as a woman, and he’s in.

Dansky noted that some states are even permitting convicted rapists and murderers to be housed in women’s prisons solely based on their “so-called gender identity.”

Watch Tucker’s segment with Kara Dansky HERE.