Liberal Fails To Steal MAGA Hat After Brutal Attack

( Two Trump supporters – one Twitter’s “Jewish Deplorable” – attended the Yankees/Mets Subway Series game at Yankee Stadium on Friday and two knucklehead anti-Trumpers, objecting to the one guy’s Make America Great Again hat, attempted to steal it from him.

It didn’t go according to plan.

Rather than the crowd cheering on the Trump-haters, the crowd cheered for the Trump supporters – chanting “put it back on” to the guy who almost lost his hat. And when he put the hat back on, the crowd cheered.

Jewish Deplorable shared some video clips of the incident.

For their trouble, the two Anti-Trumpers – a man and a woman — found themselves ejected from the game. But rather than simply go quietly, the woman tried to get into an altercation with the pair on her way out of the aisle.

The guy who had his MAGA hat grabbed is named Hunter. After the incident, he tweeted his thanks to everyone for the moral support, saying that the narrative that Trump isn’t well-liked is clearly not true.

Hunter closed his tweet with the message, “Stand strong and don’t be shy about expressing your political beliefs.”

Later, Hunter quote-tweeted the first video urging everyone to use it as a lesson for life to never cower to the mob or bend the knee. “I’ll continue wearing my hat,” he tweeted, “and that’s what makes America so great.”

Back in May, a couple of men hung a “Trump Won” banner over the second tier deck of Yankee Stadium during a game against Toronto. Police confiscated the banner and handcuffed the two men escorting them out of the stadium. Ultimately neither was arrested.

But in June, after repeatedly unfurling the Trump Won banner a different stadiums, one of the two men, Dion Cini, tweeted a picture of a letter he received from Major League Baseball informing him that he is barred from Major League ballparks indefinitely for conducting “flag drops” which are prohibited in stadiums.