Leftist “Researchers” Made A Fake Report To Slander Veterans In Arkansas

(FiveNation.com)- A report published by the opinion website WalletHub claims that Arkansas is the least patriotic state in the country, but the “data” used in the so-called “report” is shoddy and the conclusions are highly biased.

The report was concocted by some left-leaning university professors, one of whom believes “globalism” goes “hand-in-hand” with being a “good local citizen.”

The report used data compiled by North Central College’s “gender and sexuality” coordinator, professor Suzanne Chod. So already you know that any conclusions this report comes up with are going to be garbage.

In her bio, Chod claims that someone can’t be a “good local and National citizen” if he isn’t a “good global citizen” as well.

Bowling Green State University “ethicist” professor, Timothy Messer Kruse, also contributed to the “report.” Kruse believes there is “no concrete, fixed characteristics that define ‘patriotism.’”

Well, if that’s the case, how can they measure what state is the least patriotic?

The authors of the report argue that the “data” reveals that active-duty military personnel are twice as patriotic as veterans. But the “data” these researchers compile doesn’t provide a coherent explanation for how they arrived at their conclusions.

Ultimately, the authors seem to determine the level of patriotism based on whether or not someone voted in the 2020 presidential election.

Coincidentally, Congressional Democrats have spent the year trying to pass voting legislation, including automatically registering people to vote when they reach 18 and legalizing no-excuse mail-in voting nationwide. Was this report simply a way to provide “data” to back up the Democrats’ efforts?

Contrary to the bogus “report,” Arkansas has the 13th highest population of Vietnam veterans. It ranks 18th in the country for total veterans.

The WalletHub “report” couldn’t possibly measure the patriotic level of Arkansas, or any other state for that matter, based solely on arbitrary things like voting habits or the number of active-duty military personnel living there.