Leftist “Dark Money” Is Pouring In To Confirm Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee

(FiveNation.com)- During the first day of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee were quick to point out that Jackson’s nomination was backed by left-wing dark money groups, most notably the group Demand Justice.

It was Demand Justice who had launched a pressure campaign to try and force Justice Stephen Breyer to retire to clear the way for Biden to nominate a radical progressive to replace him. And after he announced his retirement, Demand Justice was behind the effort to have Biden nominate Jackson instead of a more moderate judge like Michelle Childs.

The group, which was also behind Jackson’s nomination to the DC Circuit Court last year, already announced a $1 million ad campaign supporting Jackson’s SCOTUS nomination and vowed to spend even more.

During Monday’s hearing, Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse claimed that the Supreme Court is built by dark money groups on the right.

Senator Ted Cruz blasted Whitehouse, calling him a hypocrite on dark money since Democrats benefit from dark money groups far more than Republicans.

After Justice Stephen Breyer announced he was stepping down from the Court, Demand Justice quickly claimed credit for forcing him out. What’s more, Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon said a year ago that Jackson’s confirmation to the DC Circuit Court would position her to be the nominee to replace Breyer once he retires.

In July, Demand Justice ran a six-figure ad campaign targeted toward black Americans to build support for Jackson’s possible SCOTUS nomination.

During her confirmation to DC Circuit Court last year, Jackson acknowledged in the hearing that she knew Demand Justice was running ads promoting her as a possible SCOTUS nominee.

Fallon is a former Justice Department official during the Obama administration. But he isn’t the only Democrat-linked member of Demand Justice. Two Biden administration officials also have ties to the left-wing dark money group. Press secretary Jen Psaki once worked for Demand Justice. And the point-person on Biden’s judicial nominees is Demand Justice alum, Paige Herwig.