Left-Wing Extremists Chant “KILL THE POLICE” During Tuesday Kenosha Riots

(FiveNation.com)- On Tuesday night, rioters in Kenosha continued their efforts to destroy the city in the name of “racial justice” for Jacob Blake, a black man who was shot after resisting arrest.

For context, police officers were called to a domestic incident where Blake was present. There was a warrant for his arrest, and Blake had previously been charged with domestic assault and sexual assault. Instead of cooperating with police officers he resisted arrest, walked to his car, and allegedly attempted to grab a gun from the vehicle.

Ignoring the facts – and refusing to wait for more information about the incident to be revealed – left-wing extremists took to the streets and burned down much of the black business district. On Tuesday night, those “protests” continued and footage shows many of the rioters chanting “KILL THE POLICE!” and “DEATH TO AMERICA!”

Townhall reporter Julio Rosas published photographs of members of the National Guard standing outside the federal courthouse, along with a newly erected fence. Efforts were made to protect the building given the precedent set in Portland, Oregon, where extremists have thrown firebombs and other projectiles at their courthouse every night for almost three months.

In a video published by Rosas, a woman can be heard shouting “KILL THE POLICE” as she held an American flag.

Shortly after that, another woman can be heard shouting “DEATH TO AMERICA!” as she attempted to kick down the fence around the courthouse.

What is it with these people and going after courthouses?

Rioters could also be seen throwing various projectiles as the courthouse, just as they do in Portland, Oregon, every night.

All of this is happening on the basis that Jacob Blake was shot by a racist police officer, but there is no evidence of that. An eyewitness said that police officers repeatedly told Blake to “drop the knife” that he was holding, before he moved to his car and leaned inside.

Why can’t people wait until all the facts come out? The Democrats are already siding with the protestors on this one, so if this doesn’t hurt them in the November presidential election then God help us all.