Leaked Telegram Shows Dispute Between China And Russia

(FiveNation)- According to a series of government documents recently obtained by The Epoch Times, a conflict occurred between the communist state of China and Russia in 2019 over a Chinese fishing boat that was reportedly seen illegally fishing in Russian waters.

According to the documents, which contained a number of telegrams sent by the Chinese Consulate in Russia, the Chinese boat flagrantly disregarded the rules. The telegrams were sent to the Chinese Embassy in Moscow, the China Coast Guard, and the governments of Chinese provinces Guangxi, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Shandong, and Hainan.

In the first telegram leaked top the press, sent by the consulate in May 2019, Russian authorities requested assistance in deporting seven Chinese citizens from Russia to China. The telegram also explained how in November 2019, Russian border patrol forces saw a fishing vessel illegally fishing in Russia’s Exclusive Economic Zone. The vessel was caught and detained, and the three crewmen on the ship were all Chinese.

One crewman was from the Jilin Province, and the other two from the Shandong Province.

After Investigating further, Russian authorities identified seven Chinese citizens aboard, according to the leaked telegram which asked Shandong and Hainan authorities to pressure authorities in Wang to return the crewman. The consulate also reportedly said that they would give all necessary support to return the crewmen home.

But two weeks later, another telegram was sent by the consulate following up, after they discovered that Russia was considering confiscating the vessel after discovering that it had entered Russian waters from North Korea. Authorities in Russia said that they would deport the Chinese crewmen to North Korea if China didn’t collect them on time.

The final telegram discovered relating to this incident, sent in May 2019, said that the consulate contacted Russia’s border patrol to collect the crewmen but they encountered problems. Eventually, the crewmen were released that day and they boarded a flight to China.

It’s interesting news because media reports often describe how ties between Russia and China are growing closer. That doesn’t mean, however, that there are no tensions.

So far, more than a million Russians have signed a petition demanding that a Chinese bottling plant be canceled, which intends to draw water from the world’s largest freshwater body Lake Baikal. The deepest lake in the world, which is located in Siberia, will become a source of water for the Chinese bottling plants – and the Chinese don’t exactly have a great record on protecting the environment.

What could possibly go wrong…

Let’s see if more stories like this come out in the coming months. Maybe we’ll see what the true relationship between China and Russia is like.