Lawmakers Vote To Keep Children’s Secrets From Parents

( On Thursday, Democrats in the Virginia Senate’s Education and Health Committee voted to kill Sage’s Law, a parental rights measure named after a survivor of human trafficking.

Sage’s mother, Michele, delivered emotional evidence to the state house on how her daughter’s school covered Sage’s desire to identify as a guy, even after the 14-year-old was raped and abused in the boy’s restroom.

When her parents struggled for custody, Sage was taken from them, put in a home for boys, and trafficked twice while she was there. It’s official: Sage is transitioning back to her female identity.

Democrats, according to Laura Hanford, a champion for parental rights, said that Sage’s bravery, according to the left, doesn’t matter and that they have no problem with the same kind of awful abuse that she suffered occurring to other children.

She said Democrats on the Senate Education Committee, sold-out children and ruined the bill’s prospects of passing the entire Senate. They worried more about their own political future than they did about protecting children from danger.

Sage’s law specifies that schools cannot conceal a student’s gender transition and that “misgendering” is not considered child abuse. It also mandates that parents be informed if their kid undergoes a social change to another gender.

The measure was opposed by all nine Democrats on the committee, while all six Republicans voted in favor of it.

Republican delegate Tara Durant called the Democrats’ move to obstruct Sage’s Law “politics at its worst.”

Sage is one of many kids who have endured irreparable damage that might have been averted if her loving and supporting parents had been informed about what she was going through at school, and this law will ensure that never happens again, said Durant.

Students are in danger because of the gulf that has been created between schools and their families. People who proposed this measure include both political extremes and centrists. Protecting our kids should not be a political issue.

Democrats in Virginia say the law would “out” youngsters to their homophobic or transphobic parents and that the state should be able to step in if parents refuse to accept their child’s gender identification.