Lawmakers Pass Another Win For Ron DeSantis

( Florida’s fiscal year starts in July. They will start with a record 112.1 billion dollar budget.
Most democrats voted for the budget, but they couldn’t help but snipe as they said “yay,” calling it a collection of partisan GOP concerns that have little impact on everyday lives.

That is malarkey. There are 10 big ticket items from this session. See for yourself:

ABORTION- The GOP has proposed that abortion not be performed after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

BUDGET- The plan is for increased funding of public schools, pay raises for state employees and sales tax holidays.

EDUCATION- Parental Rights in Education (cynically dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay Bill”.)

ELECTIONS- Protecting voters by increasing penalties for ballot harvesting, and triggering investigations by a brand new office that will look into irregularities.

HEALTH CARE- Revamps staffing standards as hospitals suffer work shortages, and extends Covid legal protection for hospitals and nursing homes and healthcare providers until June 1, 2023.

IMMIGRATION- Florida bans sanctuary cities and cracks down on importers of illegal immigration.

INSURANCE- High home insurance premiums have not been addressed this session. And the “no-fault” auto insurance system stays intact.

LOCAL GOVERNMENTS- Allows small businesses in operation for 3 years or more to sue cities and counties if they lose more than 15% of their revenue due to local ordinances.

REDISTRICTING- New maps for state House and Senate districts have been passed. Some issues remain, while DeSantis is behind changes that favor Republican interests.

SOLAR POWER- Lawmakers changed rules for rooftop solar energy systems. Net metering will slowly end subsidies from other utility customers to rooftop solar owners.

Does this sound like pillars of a budget that have little impact on the lives of everyday people?