Las Vegas Bus Passengers Caught in Bizzare Teenage Shootout

street crime concept. a man robs on the street. The search of the criminal. Death threat. Personal weapons for self-defense.

Harrowing footage shows a gunfight breaking out on the RTC bus as everybody on board scrambles for cover.

The footage is related to 19-year-old Chase Riven’s criminal case. On Wednesday, Judge Jasmin Lilly-Spells of the Clark County District Court handed down a jail term of 2–10 years to Riven as a condition of his plea agreement.

Minutes after allegedly shooting another adolescent and the bus on July 14, 2023, Riven was apprehended by Las Vegas Metro police, according to authorities. Around 6:30 p.m., during the evening rush hour, the shooting occurred.

Surveillance footage depicts a normally uneventful bus journey that takes a peculiar turn. The film opens with the bus pulling up to a halt in the east valley, close to the crossroads of Karen Avenue and Lamb Boulevard. After that, the driver unlocks the doors and tries to assist a passenger who uses a wheelchair.

Next, a young man with a rucksack boards the bus, and two teens trail after. The authorities have identified one of the teens as Riven. Police alleged that 18-year-old Nehemiah Richardson-Bility and Riven conspired to steal the victim’s phone and jewelry. They fail, and the footage reveals that the fight spills out onto the sidewalk. The public was not informed of Richardson-Bility’s identity during the event because of his age when he was arrested.

As the bus riders scramble for shelter, the footage cuts to the sound of many gunshots. Even though he is still fastened to his wheelchair, the passenger ducks as low as he can as gunshots ring out from a few feet away.

The bus was struck in the center by three bullets, according to the police, who estimated that over a dozen were shot. According to the authorities, the juvenile robber also resorted to self-defense by firing a firearm at the two youngsters.

Based on court records, Riven entered a guilty plea last year to two counts of conspiracy to commit robbery and firing a firearm at or into an inhabited structure, vehicle, aircraft, or watercraft. Lilly-Spells has the option to place Riven on probation as a condition of the agreement.

Riven had already informed the judge that he was inebriated and associated with undesirable people. Anxiety and poor judgment were his excuses, he said