Larry Elder Sends Special Challenge To Joe Biden

( Larry Elder, who appears to be the lead Republican candidate going up against Governor Gavin Newsom in California’s recall election, welcomed President Joe Biden’s support of the failed Democrat governor during a recent interview with Breitbart News.

As Californians cast mail-in ballots and prepare to go to the polls and decide whether they want to replace Newsom with a more competent governor, Elder is doing the rounds on the national media and exposing how Joe Biden’s endorsement of Newsom isn’t the gift that the Democrats think it is.

On August 12, Biden tweeted that Newsom is “leading California” and that he is a “key partner” in fighting the pandemic and building the economy back “better.”

But given the dramatic drop in Biden’s approval ratings recently, it’s hard to see why Gavin Newsom – who has been plagued by controversy, ranging from his hypocritical dining in restaurants during lockdown to the excessive quarantining orders he implemented in 2020 – would want this endorsement.

Speaking to Breitbart, Elder said that Biden’s popularity is now in the “low forties” and that most Americans “don’t even believe he’s home.”

Well, that’s true.

On the prospect of Biden actually turning up to California in person, Elder said he doesn’t think that it will happen but that he would welcome it.

“So it’s going to backfire,” he said. “But let him bring it in.”

Elder even said that he “wants” Biden to come to California.

And who wouldn’t? With the prospect of a Republican – and a populist Republican at that – taking charge of California through the remainder of this pandemic, a lot is on the cards.

Perhaps Elder could prove that all this troubled state needs is some responsible leadership. Maybe that’s what it will take to turn California Red.

Listen to the full interview with Elder here.