Kirk Cameron Puts Christian Faith On Display

Hollywood has taken notice of Kirk Cameron, a Christian conservative who has remained true to his faith.

Cameron claims the proportion of Christians who believe in God, fear him, and cherish the Constitution is higher in California than in other states. Cameron claims that there are 40 million of them.

The actor refrains from mentioning the Bible when asked about his favorite book, stating that it doesn’t belong on such a list alongside other books. Cameron asserts that the Bible would always occupy the top spot on the New York Times bestseller list, meaning no other book could ever hope to overtake it.

In his podcast, The American Campfire Revival, the Hollywood actor discussed classic literature, including the Bible and his favorite book, The American Covenant.

Faith, history, and patriotism are also discussed throughout his program.

There were a hundred days in a row during the COVID outage in California that he read aloud from the book while sitting around a campfire in his backyard. A reference to The American Covenant drove him to name it “The American Campfire Revival,” he reveals.

A dear friend of Marshall Foster’s, who passed away not long ago, wrote the book.

He wrote it because, according to Cameron, the founders knew something that everyone has forgotten and will never be able to regain the gift they bestowed upon us until we recognize it.

Kirk Cameron recently spoke out about how the popular TV drama GROWING PAINS had a significant role in his salvation.

Cameron was not a churchgoer while growing up. Since the idea of God had never occurred to him, he decided to label himself an atheist.

Cameron said on the set of GROWING PAINS that he was told inflated stories about how he was the ruler of his universe and the architect of his fate, which boosted his ego.

As far as Cameron could tell, they believed that religion was instituted to forbid evildoing.

But then, one fateful day, Cameron’s world turned upside down. On a set of GROWING PAINS, a little girl asked him to church. Cameron sat in the pew and listened intently as the pastor spoke on God’s justice and purity; this helped him understand the Gospel.

A friend of Cameron’s extended an invitation to church and a Bible after he told them about his ordeal. As Cameron studied the Bible, he learned more about God and himself.

If Cameron had to choose one thing to do with his life, it would be to “lower myself and accept Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life.”