Kim Jong Un Makes “Rare” Public Appearance Since Health Rumors Started Swirling

( It looks like poverty and starvation aren’t just affecting the regular people of North Korea – the isolationist nation’s reclusive authoritarian leader Kim Jong Un looks as though he hasn’t been enjoying his usual luxury cuisine and snacks.

The leader, who has also been rumored to be suffering medical problems, appeared at a parade celebrating the country’s 73rd anniversary looking noticeably slimmer than he has in recent years. During the parade, which was slimmed down and smaller than parades of the past, saw the leader was military displays and performances from soldiers and North Korean citizens.

The Wednesday parade saw Kim Jong Un return to the public sphere, waving from the Kim Il Sung Square balcony and moving down into the crowds where he was greeted with flowers and kissed by children.

Some experts have reported that Kim’s weight loss is part of an effort to improve his health as he goes through various medical procedures, but the fact that his country is suffering major supply chain problems and a food shortage suggests that he may also not have access to fast food or other luxuries that made him overweight in the first place.

Hong Min, an analyst from South Korea’s National Unification Institute said that the parade on Wednesday showed that the North Korean government was looking to build domestic unity, with the general population “clearly suffering amid the pandemic.” He added that “social complaints are likely building up” and that it could be a reason why civil defense units were displays during this year’s parade.

You can see Kim’s slimmed-down look in the post below.

What do you think? Is he getting healthy or is he suffering a food shortage, too?