Kim Jong Un Has His Own Private Hawaii

( North Korea is a very isolated country. Headlines about Pyongyang mainly contain saber-rattling and missile testing, but little is known about the ‘hermit kingdom.’

It’s apparent that most live in poverty and suffering. 2020 estimates say 60% of North Koreans live below the poverty level.

The Crisis Group reported in January that Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un was preparing his people for “heavy yet responsible agony” in 2022. The organization claimed North Koreans would continue to have trouble procuring basic necessities, food, and clothing, though specific details are hard to come by.

The ordinary North Korean may have a rough life, but sources indicate Kim does not.

Reports describe his life of luxury since he assumed control in 2011. Kim spends on luxury vehicles, wine, and real estate. He has an estimated worth of £3.6 billion.

He has his island, which Dennis Rodman, a friend of Kim’s, mentioned in 2013.

Rodman told The Sun, “Kim’s island is great. It’s like traveling to Hawaii or Ibiza, except he’s the only one. He always has 50 to 60 people sipping drinks and laughing around him. When you drink tequila, it’s the finest.

Mr. Rodman compared Kim’s £5.8m yacht to a ferry and a Disney boat. It’s a 95-foot yacht with a broad deck and eating room for ten people.

According to reports, Kim has 17 mansions in North Korea, with his main house in Pyongyang.

The Central Luxury Mansion is nuke-proof, they say. Some say the property contains a railroad station beneath.
He has a personal plane, while previous North Korean monarchs utilized an armored rail.

While the Fat Boy enjoys these luxuries, North Korea continually causes international alarm by testing missiles.

He brazenly has cautioned the US and South Korea against joint military drills.
Pyongyang warned of “unprecedented” threats and “undesirable” repercussions if they continued their “military conflict.”

A good countermeasure would be to show Kim’s island, yacht, and mansions in the infrared crosshairs of a battery of missiles.

Or tell him Nutella will be embargoed.