Kennedy Airs Final Time On Fox News Shows After Being Cancelled

To help her say goodbye on Thursday, Gutfeld! Co-host Kat Timpf, Fox News contributor Guy Benson, and Fox Radio presenter Jimmy Failla joined Lisa Kennedy Montgomery as she departs the network.

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery is known as Kennedy. The network decided to terminate her on Thursday, and her last episode aired that night.

Kennedy, who used to host MTV’s Alternative Nation, made a musical reference to announce her departure. She said Billy Joel isn’t the only person “movin’ out.”

She told the viewers she wanted to say how much she appreciated them tuning in one last time. Her Fox show aired for more than eight years, and she characterized that as an unbelievable privilege.

Kennedy was presented with flowers by Failla, who remarked that more friends were coming.

Timpf and Benson then stepped onto the scene, embraced Kennedy, and led the four Fox personalities in a rendition of “We Are the World,” a song originally released by USA for Africa in 1985.

But the musical performance was abruptly yanked off broadcast as a pre-scheduled commercial break cut short Kennedy’s jubilation.

The Fox Business show Kudlow, anchored by Larry Kudlow, the former head of the National Economic Council in the Trump administration, will air repeats in the meantime as a replacement for Kennedy.

TMZ reports that in 1995, Kennedy claimed Michael Jordan attempted to bet for her virginity. Kennedy claims in her book that when she and the Bulls superstar were having dinner with Russell Simmons at a bar in New York City, Jordan suddenly suggested they play a game.

Jordan explained his idea for a dice game, saying that Kennedy would go to his hotel room if he won.

Kennedy claims she was a virgin and afraid. After considering it, Kennedy told Jordan she would rather have Knicks tickets because he already had a wife. 

She claims she won the dice game and New Jersey Nets tickets.