Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Predicts Trump’s Conviction

( On election night, The Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway predicted that former President Donald Trump would eventually be charged and convicted.

Well, of course he did. He has been predicting Trump’s imminent indictment for years. Perhaps this time he’ll be right.

Conway appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday night to offer his anti-Trump Resistance fans the red meat they need to survive. When Kimmel asked what charges Trump might face, Conway said there were a few possible options, but he believed the investigation into Trump’s handling of government documents will be the one to “kill him.”

Conway compared the investigation into Trump’s handling of government documents to the US Attorney of the Southern District of New York investigating “the five families,” floating the scenario of the head of the five families being spotted at JFK loading jewelry off a truck. “You got him dead to rights,” Conway said.

He told Kimmel that Trump had White House documents in his possession that didn’t belong to him. He accused Trump of lying about the documents and getting his lawyers to lie as well. He noted that Trump defied a subpoena for a year and a half, adding the only way this could get worse for Trump is if he “FedEx’d some of them to Putin.”

Ah, yes. Of course he brings up Putin.

It’s never been clear why the media made George Conway a go-to “expert” on legal matters. Other than being a Resistance member in good standing who just so happens to be married to Trump’s former White House advisor Kellyanne Conway, there is no reason to elevate this guy.

It isn’t as if that fat slob has a face made for television.

No. The only reason they bring him on is because the media knows he despises Donald Trump as much as they do and will happily offer up the red meat the Resistance so desperately craves.