Kellyanne Conway Reveals Private Arrogance By Jared Kushner

( In Kellyanne Conway’s upcoming book, Trump’s former senior advisor describes Jared Kushner as “shrewd and cunning,” claiming that he understood no matter how terrible a personnel change or legislative endeavor was, he was unlikely to be held accountable for it.

According to a copy of her memoir, Here’s the Deal, set to be released on Tuesday, Conway avoided explicitly criticizing Trump but had no such restraint regarding his son-in-law.

In her book, she characterizes Kushner as a guy of knowing nods, puzzled stares, and sideline queries.

She said that there was no subject he thought of beyond his ability.

Kushner was a know-it-all. Reform of the criminal justice system, peace in the Middle East, borders to the south and north, opioids and veterans, the two worlds of significant IT and small businesses colliding, he was an expert on it all. Conway said he would have cheerfully added Martian attacks to his ever-growing repertoire if they had come over the radar. He’d have made it clear that he’d banished the Martians to Uranus and that he didn’t care who received credit for it.

Conway said that he misinterpreted the Constitution in one essential regard, believing that all authority not delegated to the federal government was reserved for him.

Conway’s relationship with Kushner deteriorated in part, she claimed, as a result of his false charge that she leaked information to the media,

Conway said in 2018 that she had not leaked to the press and that she and Kushner and Ivanka Trump had a “wonderful relationship.”

Conway told Fox News that she has a fantastic working connection and a terrific relationship with Jared and Ivanka and had dinner with them at their place. She said she had discussed the leaking issue with Trump.
She said that Kushner “knows who the leakers and liars are, and he has said so publicly and personally. I’m glad there’s much less leakage in the White House now than there used to be.”

According to writer Michael Bender, Conway and Kushner have feuded since the 2016 campaign.

According to Bender, Kushner viewed Conway as one of Trump’s “enablers,” who also stated that Kushner was concerned about Trump’s vulnerability to “brash promoters like Kellyanne.”