Kellyanne Conway Advising Top Republican In U.S. Senate Race

( Kellyanne Conway, the former Trump campaign manager who became the first woman to completely manage a successful presidential campaign, is reportedly working as a senior advisor to Republican Ohio Senate candidate Bernie Moreno.

It comes after Conway stepped down from her position in the Trump administration amid family issues relating to her rabidly anti-Trump husband and daughter.

The 54-year-old pollster and campaign manager issued a statement after the Moreno campaign announced the news, saying that he’s “not a politician.”

“Bernie’s not a politician. He’s a conservative, a political outsider, and a successful businessman, just like President Donald J. Trump,” Conway said. “He has lived the American Dream and wishes to protect it for future generations. Ohioans need a fighter like Bernie Moreno to speak up and stand up for them in Washington.”

Moreno is one of several Republicans up to replace retiring Senator Rob Portman.

Conway also made it clear that even though she was joining the Moreno campaign, and she has a good relationship with former President Donald Trump, it doesn’t mean that the former president will necessarily be endorsing his candidacy.

“My conversations with President Trump are private,” she said. “I would never dangle or promise President Trump’s endorsement to any candidate.”

Conway did not, however, rule out the possibility of former President Trump endorsing her chosen candidate.

In his own statement, Moreno said that he was thrilled to have Conway on board, and said that he intended to continue President Trump’s fight against cancel culture.

“President Donald J. Trump fought for the American people and delivered tremendous victories for us on taxes, judges, rebuilding the military, and taking on the cancel culture,” he said. “That’s the kind of team we’re building. I’m thrilled that Kellyanne is joining us in our own fight to defend the gains President Trump has made and to stop the Socialist agenda.”

President Trump hasn’t indicated who he will be endorsing in the Ohio race just yet. Reports said last month that the former president held a secret meeting at his Mar-a-Lago resort in West Palm Beach, Florida, which didn’t go too well.

Politico said that the meeting only lasted around 15 minutes but became a sort of “Hunger Games,” with awkward confrontation and arguments aplenty.

Could Kellyanne Conway’s involvement in the Moreno campaign be exactly what he needs to grab that coveted endorsement? Or might President Trump simply avoid supporting a candidate entirely?