Katy Tur Doesn’t Understand How Senators Are Elected!

(TheLibertyRevolution.com) – Katy Tur, MSNBC host, doesn’t appear to understand how senators are elected – quite incredible given she regularly uses her slot on national TV to lecture us about politics. On Friday, during a segment on her show, Tur suggested that Republicans only control the Senate because of gerrymandering.

During the segment, she said, “In case you missed it, majority doesn’t always rule in this country…Forty-eight senators voted to remove the President from office. Fifty-two voted to acquit. But the 48 actually represent 12 million more voters than the senators who decided to keep Donald Trump in the White House.”

She continued, “We’re not arguing that a simple majority of the population should decide whether to remove an impeached president from office…That is not in the Constitution. But it does serve to highlight a broad trend in our politics, the outsized influence of rural voters over those concentrated in the cities and suburbs.”

Following her monologue, which plays on this tired argument that more people means more legitimacy (she might deny that’s what she means, but it’s literally what she said), Tur introduced columnist Philip Bump and made a statement so ignorant that it left this writer dumbfounded.

She asked, “So what’s the resolution to that? Is gerrymandering something that would help improve the situation? How does that sort of divide promote consensus in the Senate or even in the house?”

First off, does Tur not realize that gerrymandering is not a term to be thrown around so lightly? Encouraging gerrymandering is not a good thing as it typically refers to a method that involves redrawing boundaries in order to help a particular side win. That’s not something people should be advocating, unless strictly for the purpose of adapting to population changes that occur over time.

In response, the Washington Post columnist responded, “Well, I mean, the only resolution – gerrymandering is not going to do anything because in the Senate, we’re talking about states, right?”

Perhaps that’s when the penny dropped for Tur.

He continued, “You can’t gerrymander states. The only solution is for Democrats to appeal to voters in those states, right?”

The dialogue represents a bitter divide in American society between those who accept the results of an election, and those who desperately look for arguments that suggest the vote should be voided. That is, despite the fact that the president won fair and square and has been in office for almost an entire term.

Tur’s comments are part of a wider trend of Democrats and anti-Trump media pundits trying to encourage discussion about electoral reform. The ultimate goal, of course, is ending the Electoral College and allowing the left-wing cities to decide the results of presidential elections forever.