Karl Rove Attacks Trump For Raising Money

(FiveNation.com)- Last week, Republican “strategist” Karl Rove called out former President Donald Trump for failing to use the millions of dollars his PACs have raised supposedly to help Republicans in the midterm elections.

In his column, “Where Do Trump’s Donations Go?” Rove took the former president to task for spending so little of the $121 million his PACs have raised to get Republicans elected in the midterms on Republican candidates running in the midterms.

Rove notes the endless barrage of “Trump World” fundraising emails he had received in just 24 hours begging him to help save the country from the Democrats. He listed the special gifts he was promised in exchange for his donations, including rally shirts, an “official 2022 Trump card,” and the privilege of appearing on the “official 2022 Trump Donor Wall.”

Along with the gifts, Rove writes, he received flattery, with emails describing him as, among other things, a “Trump MVP,” an “America First Trump Patriot,” and a “Patriot of the Month.”

As annoying as the emails are, they must be working, Rove explains. A flood of donations has poured in from people thinking the money will go to defeating the Democrats in the midterm elections.

But it isn’t clear that the money is getting spent on defeating the Democrats in November, Rove explains.

Rove writes that at this point, Trump is legally barred from using money raised by PACs on a future presidential campaign. If Trump officially declares his candidacy before the November elections, he would be required by law to create a new committee for his presidential campaign while leaving the current PAC money untouched.

Rove blasts Trump for raising millions for his PACs, but only spending a few hundred thousand dollars to help Republican candidates who could use the money.

He warns that if Trump doesn’t start coughing up cash to help the candidates he endorsed, his donors might ignore the endless barrage of fundraising emails and the candidates he endorsed may begin to wonder if Donald Trump is such a strong ally after all.