Kari Lake’s Chances Of Becoming Trump’s VP Pick Just Went Up

(FiveNation.com)- Bets on who former President Donald Trump is going to pick as his running mate are being placed as Kari Lake’s chances just shot up, according to Newsweek. After Lake lost her Arizona gubernatorial election to Democrat Katie Hobbs, she claimed that the election was fraudulent and stolen, citing numerous reports of erroneous tabulators and practices during and after the election.  

The election claims mimicked that of Trump, who continues to voice his views that the 2020 election was rigged. Lake is among the four women that Trump is reportedly considering for vice president. A female vice president would be a strategic move as the “white suburban woman” vote has been tough for Trump to win over.  

Lake, a former television anchor, reportedly has Trump’s attention as she is described as a loyalist, unabashedly defending him on any issue or controversy. But the downside to the pick is speculated to be the prospect of Lake seeking the presidency herself. She is a risky choice, Trump’s friends reportedly said.  

Other women include Nikki Haley, the former United Nations ambassador in the Trump administration and current 2024 hopeful; Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee, who was previously the White House press secretary under Trump; and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.  

Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung denied that anyone would know what Trump is going to do and claimed that a list of potential VP picks did not exist.  

Regardless of who his running mate will be, Trump remains the top Republican candidate for 2024, according to Mediaite. In a CPAC straw poll, Trump was the top pick for president, besting better than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Senator Ted Cruz, and Haley.  

With 62% of the vote, Trump came in first while DeSantis came in at around 20%. Though DeSantis has enjoyed popularity among conservatives for his policies in his state because he did not attend the conference the poor polling numbers were reportedly anticipated.