Kardashian Requests MRI – Brain Condition Reported!

(FiveNation.com)- Khloe Kardashian underwent an MRI to demonstrate that Tristan Thompson’s cheating caused her brain damage.

Kardashian’s MRI test results, which appeared to reveal that her brain had experienced both physical and emotional stress, were explained by Dr. Daniel Amen. The reality TV personality has a history of infidelity problems involving several guys, but she most recently made news when Thompson cheated on her. Thompson was expecting a child with another lady at the same time that Kardashian and Thompson were in the middle of expanding their family with the aid of a surrogate.

The Kardashians’ next Hulu show is scheduled to go into more detail about Kardashian’s MRI, but a brief clip was shared with TMZ.

Kendall Jenner and Khloé Kardashian met with Dr. Amen to compare their brain scans and review the findings.

According to Kardashian, Thompson’s untimely extramarital affair was to blame for Thompson’s brain injuries, which are now supported by medical proof, according to the video.

Amen contributed his knowledge to the scientific prank for the Kardashians’ Hulu show, offering expert medical testimony that she was suffering from brain trauma, most likely due to the scandal.

The physician described the single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) scan that Kardashian received.

Amen stated in the film that “SPECT looks at blood flow and activity, looks at how your brain works.” “If we examine your brain, this is it; at some point, you injured it.”

She admitted that she went through a vehicle windshield head-first when she was 16, and she was knocked out and banged her skull a couple more times after that.

“Do you see this diamond? You’ve been through trauma. Amen continued, pointing to a separate area on the image, saying, “This frequently goes with emotional trauma.”

Kardashian then revealed details of her sad ordeal.

She stated that her last ex-boyfriend cheated a lot while she was pregnant, and then he had a baby while they were together with somebody else.

“All these things I find out about from social media myself, so it’s quite upsetting,” she said.