Kamala Harris Visited Arizona, But Refuses To Visit Border

(FiveNation.com)- Last Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris, President Biden’s supposed “border czar” traveled to Arizona to attend a groundbreaking ceremony for an infrastructure project where she was asked why she wasn’t visiting the southern border while she was there.

Harris was in Tonopah, Arizona about 100 miles from the border with Mexico for the groundbreaking of a 125-mile-long transmission line that will provide wind and solar energy to homes and businesses in the area.

While speaking with KPHO News, Harris was asked why she didn’t plan to visit the southern border while in Arizona.

The Vice President said she was in the state to “talk about what we are doing around bringing down the cost to American families and creating jobs.” She said it remains one of the Biden administration’s “highest priorities” to make sure the “border is secure” while doing “what is necessary to have a fair and humane system.”

Rather than explain why she was skipping the border, Harris deflected to blaming lawmakers, telling KPHO, “Frankly, Congress needs to act.”

She claimed that the Biden administration has placed a “historic number” of agents at the southern border and is “in the process of upgrading technology.”

Harris told KPHO that while she would not be going “on this trip,” she has visited the southern border before “and I will again.”

Since taking office, Vice President Harris has only made one trip to the southern border despite the president tasking her with overseeing the border crisis early in his term.

According to Customs and Border Protection, the number of illegal aliens encountered at the southern border during FY2022 topped 2.76 million, breaking the previous annual record set in 2021 by over 1 million.

“Border Czar” Harris had 20 events on immigration since taking office. All but three of them took place in 2021. The last public appearance Vice President Harris made on the issue of immigration was over seven months ago.