Kamala Harris Tries To Blame Global Warming For Border Crisis

(FiveNation.com)- After spending a month completely neglecting the border after she was appointed to oversee the crisis by President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris is now trying to blame the massive influx of illegal aliens over the southern border on…global warming.


It’s not President Biden’s promise to grant amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens encouraging people to cross the border, but global warming.

“When you look at the root causes, we’re also looking at the issues of corruption,” Harris said during a roundtable discussion attended by the mainstream press.

It’s the first news conference Harris has given on the border problem, though it wasn’t hosted at the border as you might expect. Vice President Harris hasn’t visited the border once since inauguration day, and more importantly, since the border crisis began as soon as Biden took office.

“Again, we’re looking at the issue of climate resiliency and then the concern about a lack of economic opportunity,” Harris said while sitting thousands of miles away from the United States southern border where 170,000 illegal aliens were apprehended last month, and tens of thousands of illegal alien children are being illegally held in overcrowded detention facilities.

Remember the days when the Democrats were claiming President Trump was throwing children in “concentration camps”?

During the discussion, Harris promoted her $84 million plan – taxpayer money, of course – to bail out Central American countries. Harris seems to think that throwing money at Central American countries could help stop the flow of illegal aliens over the border, and also seems to believe that global warming is fueling the crisis.

“We are looking at extensive storm damage because of extreme climate,” Harris said. “We’re looking at drought in an area in a region where agriculture is one of the most traditionally important bases for their economy.”

Harris provided no evidence that any of the illegal aliens pouring over the border were crossing because they were affected by the extreme climate, and didn’t address the fact that former President Donald Trump got the number of illegals crossing the border down to impressive lows during his presidency…without throwing millions of dollars at Central America for “global warming.”

What planet does Kamala Harris live on? Because it’s not earth.