Kamala Harris Suddenly Absent From Title 42 Drama

(FiveNation.com)- Critics say the president’s migration czar has been missing from the immigration discussion amid record-setting border crossings and legal drama over Title 42.

This year, Harris has held precisely one public event focusing on migration: a trip to Honduras to attend President Xiomara Castro’s inauguration. Harris said focusing on migration’s “basic causes” won’t address the US-Mexico border situation “tomorrow.”

Mark Morgan, who oversaw the US Border Patrol in Obama’s last months and US Customs and Border Protection under Trump, accused Harris of not doing enough.

Harris “obviously wants to be president” Instead of working for the people who elected her, she ignored her obligations as border czar, said Morgan, a fellow at the Federation for American Immigration Reform and Heritage Foundation.

Mark Brnovich, a Republican Senate candidate in Arizona, claimed Harris “has become a willing participant in relinquishing control of our southern border to the cartels.”

Ken Cuccinelli, former acting deputy director of DHS, said that despite what her boss and LinkedIn profile suggest, Harris isn’t leading the border crisis. She doesn’t even play one on TV.

A White House figure, with his head in the sand, said that these are long-term undertakings, but under the Vice President’s guidance, the Biden-Harris Administration is making considerable progress.

Harris has had chiefly private meetings. On Jan. 10, Harris contacted Guatemala’s president Alejandro Giammattei to discuss migration, trafficking, economic growth, and anti-corruption.

Harris met with Partnership for Central America’s Ray Chambers on April 15 to discuss addressing the core causes of migration from Central America.

The imminent repeal of Title 42 COVID-19 posed a tidal surge of migration that would eclipse last year’s four-decade peak in border busts.

A judge halted removing a policy that authorized officials to remove most suspected illegal immigrants without first hearing their asylum requests. The government permitted unaccompanied children and families to stay in the US. At the same time, judges reviewed their cases, but a significant flood of single adults was expected to follow the policy’s repeal, initially planned for Monday.

Biden nominated Harris in March 2021 to address the “root causes” of Latin American migration, but monthly border apprehensions rose.

Harris visited Guatemala and Mexico last year, but she had trouble addressing reporters’ inquiries about why she hadn’t called the US-Mexico border. Harris visited the border following Trump’s denunciation of his successors.

In the fiscal year 2021, which ended Sept. 30, the US Border Patrol encountered over 1.7 million suspected illegal border-crossers. Nearly 1.3 million contacts have occurred in fiscal 2022.

In 2019, there were less than 860,000 Border Patrol interactions during a previous Central American migration crisis.

Republicans blame Biden. And they should. His campaign trail called to embrace asylum seekers and reject Trump-era border enforcement methods.

Harris is so bad that both parties have criticized her.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) said he had given up working with the veep.

Cuellar remarked, “I’ve moved on.”

He said she was assigned that job, but she didn’t seem interested. Therefore he’ll move on to others who actually work on the problem.