Kamala Harris Sent Away From White House… Again

(FiveNation.com)- On Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Philadelphia to discuss labor issues and meet with labor leaders. In South Philadelphia, Harris spoke to the Sheet Metal Workers Association, emphasizing the administration’s commitment to workers.
In March, about 430,000 new jobs were created. But while jobs in food production and sales are holding the line, the transportation industry is still shrinking.

The everyday misery, though, is what most employees want to speak about: inflation touched a 40-year high on Tuesday, resting at 8.5 percent. Everything is now more expensive, from fuel to food. Some workers may have great jobs and earn great pay, but they still feel the Biden economy is punishing them.

When Vice President Harris sat down for an exclusive one-on-one conversation with a reporter, she cited the Biden administration’s attempts to alleviate the workers’ burdens, including decreased prescription prices, child tax credits, and other measures. However, she claims that they are aware that it is insufficient.
Harris promises they will stay vigilant with improvements, adding the administration has created more than seven million jobs.

In the interview, the Vice President also noted she was keeping a watch on crime.
She mentioned the shooting violence perpetrated by Frank R. James, the Brooklyn gunman on a Manhattan-bound subway train. However, she did not touch on the reported 62-year-old suspect’s social media rants depicting a man driven by hatred for white people and very hopeful for an impending race war.

The answer to violent crime, according to the vice president, is a balancing act: harsher penalties but more equitable criminal justice. But it seems the criminals always have the upper hand in today’s so-called justice. According to a Pew Poll, half of Philadelphians do not feel comfortable in their own homes, and nearly two-thirds had heard a gunshot in the previous year.

As Philadelphia prepares to restore another mask rule next week, Harris seems careful about masking and keeping social distance. The latest mask rule is a move that’s enraged even the most ardent supporters. The vice president recognized the disappointment and outrage but said there were grounds for optimism. She feels confident these mandates will come to an end.

Perhaps she ignores the “15 days to slow the spread” fiasco from not too long ago.
But what can’t be ignored is liberalism’s many failures, which have spread far too wide.