Kamala Harris Says “Climate Mental Health” Is Real 

(FiveNation.com)- On Wednesday, during the “Aspen Ideas: Climate Conference” in Miami Beach, Florida, Vice President Kamala Harris brought up the subject of climate change. 

Her contribution to the topic ended up being mercilessly mocked on Twitter. 

Harris began her story by saying that when one of the young leaders was talking to her, she inquired, “What’s going on among your peers right now?” 

Harris informed those at the conference that the young climate activists revealed fear due to climate change. They told her they were having issues with their “climate mental health.” 

She told them she understood and asked them to “unpack it” for her. 

Harris shared an example of one of the concerns. It was the fear of starting a family.  

Several people on Twitter made fun of the speech, arguing that politicians like Harris are to blame for youngsters worrying about climate change because of their alarmist rhetoric. 

Dr. Matthew M. Wielicki, an earth science professor, has criticized Harris and other climate activists for causing unnecessary anxiety among today’s youth. In a tweet, he said that false climate alarmism harms young people’s psychological well-being. Many of his students are hesitant to have families because they believe the doomsayers who claim the world will end in their lifetime. He said this is what climate alarmism will be remembered for. 

Farrukh Shamsi, an anti-Biden/Harris Democrat, used the speech as evidence that the Biden administration cannot govern the United States.  

Republican chairman for Texas’s Travis County, Matt Mackowiak, simply said, “These people are insane.” 

Vice President Kamala Harris is “simply making something up here,” according to Steve Guest, a strategic communications consultant for Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz. 

This is straight out of the leftist playbook. Create a crisis. Create fear. Then present yourself as the protector and problem solver that the beleaguered will turn to for cradle-to-grave comfort. 

This is how they make a living.