Kamala Harris Runs To Press To Save Her Collapsing Image

(FiveNation.com)- Unpopular Vice President Kamala Harris is trying to solve her image crisis, recently sitting down for a light-hearted interview with a newspaper from her hometown to talk about her “responsibility as an elected leader” to “go to the people.”

It comes as a wave of media reports reveals the toxic work environment in her office in the White House, and a mass exodus of her staffers shocks the political establishment.

In recent weeks, the vice president’s top communications director Ashley Etienne, along with chief spokeswoman Symone Sanders, announced that they would be leaving the White House only a year after entering it. That’s not normal, is it? Especially for young professionals like Etienne and Sanders…

The Washington Post also reported earlier this year that Harris staffers consider her a “bully” and that her team members are constantly subjected to “soul-destroying criticism.”

That’s probably why the voters so roundly rejected her during the Democratic presidential primaries…

What was Joe Biden thinking?

On Sunday, the San Francisco Chronicle published the Harris puff piece, in which she completely ignored any reports of her bullying in the White House. She talked about how there is nothing about her job that is supposed to be easy, but that if something is “coming at” her because it needs to be addressed, then by definition it won’t be easy.

“If it was easy, it would have been handled before it comes to me,” she said.

Well, lucky for Kamala Harris, the Biden administration inherited a recovering economy that was thriving before the Democrat-pushed COVID lockdowns, a reformed criminal justice system, peace in the Middle East, improving drug prices, and so many other positive developments.

In other words, Trump did the hard work for her…and all she’s got to show for her first year in office is a staff that’s bailing on her.

“I love people, and there’s so much that we are doing that is directly impacting and with the people in mind,” she also said during the interview.

Well, she got that one right. Massive inflation and a struggling economy absolutely are impacting the American people…

If you, for some reason, want to read the interview then click here.

How long will it take for the Democrats to admit that Harris will be a terrible presidential candidate in 2024?