Kamala Harris Makes Strange Comment About Her Clothes And Pronouns

(FiveNation.com)- Last week, Vice President Kamala Harris hosted a group of disability activists at the White House for a roundtable discussion on abortion and how it will disproportionately impact disabled birthing people.

And during her opening remarks, Kamala kicked off her introduction by listing her pronouns and describing the color of her dress.

Yeah, really:

Needless to say, this bizarre introduction was roundly mocked on social media mostly because normal people don’t talk this way.

Kamala Harris already has a problem connecting with ordinary Americans and doing something bizarre like this isn’t going to help in the least.

Some Veep defenders were quick to point out that Kamala introduced herself that way for the benefit of those whose vision is impaired.

Okay, sure. Whatever.

But if someone is blind, why tell them you’re wearing a blue suit? Do blind people even know what “blue” is?

And why in the world would the blind need to know your pronouns?

Admittedly, every other person at the table went on to introduce herself the same way, by offering pronouns and describing her clothes.

If this was done for the benefit of the blind, why didn’t the assembled also show the same level of respect for the deaf?

Those who rely on lip-reading to understand what’s going on were screwed since every single participant at that meeting had a giant mask slapped over her nose and mouth.

This is the problem with bending over backward to accommodate the “Woke.” You can never please everyone.

Nobody needs to know what pronouns Kamala Harris or anybody else uses. That wasn’t done for the benefit of someone’s disability. It was done because this administration’s entire focus is appealing to the small minority of ultra-Woke activists that inhabit social media.